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Somewhere there’s a line between photography and digital art. Is the subject and environment real, or is it a scene created from the artist’s imagination? I play in both these realms. To me, the line between photography and digital art is fluid. I process my photos to exhibit the emotion I felt at the time of capture. Sometimes I take it further and create an imaginary world beyond what I see in real life. I make visual art.

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Morgulbee is my collection of experimental, ambient, electronic music projects. Mostly for fun, occasionally published, usually with Creative Commons licensing. Sometimes I play the Disquiet Junto game, a weekly challenge where musicians compose music in response to a creative assignment.

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Composed Bits is my blog about electronic music, digital art, photography, technology and code. Look here for updates on some of my current projects, including the occasional behind-the-scenes description of my visual and audio work.

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Head over to my shop at Fine Art America to browse a selection of my art products for sale. You can buy prints, posters, T-shirts, mugs and other items featuring my photography and digital art. Thank you for your support!

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Are you looking for exceptional art for your home or business? Through my partnership with Art Boja, a selection of my digital art is available for purchase. You can buy high quality prints on canvas, metal or acrylic, made to order and shipped to you ready to hang on your wall. Visit my Art Boja page to shop for prints.

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Are you an author? Your next book deserves a beautiful cover! I have a selection of pre-made book covers for you to consider. My book covers are exclusive: when you buy one of my covers, that cover will never again be sold to anyone else, ensuring your book has a one-of-a-kind cover. Visit my artist page at SelfPubBookCovers to shop for your next book cover.

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Hello! My name is Alan Bland and I am a digital artist, computer scientist and technology geek. I like to create and manipulate digital media, mostly photography-based digital art and experimental electronic music.

My portfolio of visual art explores a variety of topics including music, science, nature and technology. A little whimsy pops up from time to time. Sometimes the only way to maintain sanity is to do something a little insane!

I create my visual art using digital cameras, a scanner, 3D modeling software, fractal software, a drawing tablet with digital painting software, occasional licensed content from other artists, and my sometimes crazy imagination. I blend it all together using Photoshop and other image manipulation programs to bring my imaginary scenes to life.

I create music using various audio programs, primarily Ableton Live. I use a variety of software synthesizers and audio effects, and a stack of ancient hardware MIDI synthesizers dating back to the 1980’s.

My digital art has appeared in the magazine Living the Photo Artistic Life.

I make my home in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The scenery and wildlife provide endless inspiration for my work.

Unless otherwise noted, all content on all my web sites are my original copyrighted work. Please contact me if you would like to use any of my work for commercial use or if you want to purchase any of my work not offered for sale.

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